We spent 3 and a half days in (literally) Paradise Island, took 4 flights in those days, and experienced some of the most unique excursions. Below is the detailed itinerary of all our days and a review of all the places we were able to visit during our short time there. 


DAY 1, April 5th

Arrival at the Atlantis Resort (Royal Towers)

  • My overall impression of this resort was pretty disappointing, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone I know because I strongly believe it was not worth the money they are charging. While staying there, I had many encounters with other people staying there who expressed similar concerns as well. The waterpark was the best part of this resort and can keep people busy the entire day (9am-7pm) which was nice and the beach area was also a clean place to spend time in the water and catch the sunrise. If you would like more details as to why I did not enjoy my stay with the Atlantis, feel free to message me!


  • Beach Bites does not have many vegetarian options, but is a good place to grab a snack while in the waterpark
  • The Marina Pizzeria is SO GOOD and a great place to stop while walking through the Marina Village

DAY 2, April 6th

Blue Lagoon Island (http://www.dolphinencounters.com/blue-lagoon-island/about-blue-lagoon/)


  • It’s less than a 10 minute walk to Paradise Island Ferry Terminal from the Atlantis, where you can also conveniently find the Blue Lagoon Island office to grab your bracelets for purchased activities

  • We took the scenic 15 minute ferry ride to Blue Lagoon Island (with stunning waterfront properties owned by some famous people too!


  • This excursion company offers a wide variety of activities to do so do your research before getting to the gorgeous island. 

  • The VIP beach day option is a m a z i n g. You thought you knew what luxury treatment meant until you had multiple beautiful beaches all to yourself, with hammocks, beach chairs, drinks, and food available right when you want it!

  • We got to participate in the dolphin encounter; a super fun time with the lovable and playful dolphins, including awesome photo/video footage

  • You are also able to see the dolphins and sea lions that are under careful human care, but in natural ocean water, around different viewpoints on the island. The oldest dolphin they have is 52 years old and she just gave birth to the youngest one there, who is just under 5 months old! Catch the cutest video of her on their Instagram page @dolphinencounters 


  • While waiting for your ferry back, you can use the time to relax and enjoy the beautiful water. There is also an inflatable waterpark close to shore that kids would abolutely love!


  •  We grabbed lunch on the island at Shifting Tides and luckily there were some great vegetarian options available to eat with a beautiful view. We ate vegetarian burgers, salad, and a refreshing Bahamamama


  • This sustainable, environmentally friendly, and wheelchair accessible island won my heart! I’m sure I’m not the only one who hopes that one day there will be a resort to stay in overnight here :)


DAY 3, April 7th

3N’s and Staniel Cay Vacations Tour (http://www.stanielcayvacations.com/services/tours-2/)


  • Took a 6am shuttle purchased from Staniel Cay Vacations to get from our resort to the airport and checked in around 6:30

  • Took an 8am flight on the second tiniest plane I’ve ever been on to Staniel Cay, arriving at the smallest airport which is great for saving time!

  • You can book a flight through Flamingo Air 

  • Started the tour around 8:30, getting on a boat just one minute from the airport


  • Stopped at Thunderball Grotto,  where you can snorkel in unbelievably clear water. As you swim your way through a narrow cave entrance, you enter into a more open space with exquisite shades of blue and natural sunlight. On a side note, the James Bond Thunderball movie was filmed here! 

  • Next was my most anticipated stop; PIG BEACH! This was an incredible experience. As soon as the boat started pulling up closer to the island, multiple pigs came to greet us in hopes of getting fed and watching them swim to the boat was absolutely adorable!

  • There were many piglets that we were able to carry and take cute photos with, and the biggest one weighed 700 pounds!

  • The best part about Pig Island is that no one knows the real history behind the pigs becoming inhabitants here, but it is fascinating to see them swimming so confidently and being social with humans. As a side note, do NOT feed the pigs unless you’re willing to take the risk of an enthusiastic herd of them continuing to follow you (possibly bite) or harming their health

  • Important fact: since pigs began to ingest sand by trying to eat snacks off the beach, they were in danger of getting sick and potentially dying so people are only supposed to feed them in the water

  • Fun fact: freshwater sources have began to dry up on the island, and since the pigs fear missing out on food, they do not swim further away to get water. In order to help them out, there have been freshwater tanks set up by the beach for them to stay hydrated. We were also told that the pigs are vaccinated, making them safe for humans to socialize with.

  • Iguana island was next, unfortunately these animals were less happy to see humans and began to slowly make their way deeper into the forest and away from the shore once we started walking around and it was quite uncomfortable getting too close to them because they did not give off a friendly vibe. Either way, they were fun to watch from a distance and we quickly made our way to the next stop!

  • Swimming with nurse sharks has never been so much fun. At Compass Cay Marina, it was very easy to be surrounded by plenty of them; giving everybody a chance to get pictures and pet them. The incredible water, which was completely see through, added to the excitement of the sharks swimming all around you. 

  • A sandbar in the middle of the ocean was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen! The most clear water and incredibly clean, white sand put together made for a mini paradise that I didn’t want to leave. These sandbars are produced because of low tides in the water. This marvelous place was a must see on my list of favourite spots during the trip.


  • In between the stops, we saw a 30 million dollar island, a plane wreck, impressive looking properties, and lots of fancy yachts!


  • We had food at the Staniel Cay Yatch club before catching a flight back to Nassau at 5pm (vegetarian options available)


  • Highly recommend this tour; there is something for everyone! Snorkelling for people who like to go underwater and island stops for those who feel safer above it :)

  • Don’t forget to book this amazing tour on your next trip to the Bahamas!!


Need somewhere to stay on Staniel Cay? The Embrace resort is the perfect, cozy, and convenient place (with a  brand new pool). At the resort, you can also rent out a golf cart to easily get around the island.


DAY 3, April 10th

  • Flight home at 11:50am!

  • As you can see, we were able to see a LOT in just two full days and had some memorable experiences, my brother even said this was one of the best trips we've ever been on. If you're going to or have been to Nassau, look forward to all the unique activities it has to offer! Click HERE to see more pictures.