My family and I landed in Honolulu, Oahu on April 20th to some amazing weather. Here is a quick itinerary of what we accomplished during our couple days in paradise!


1. We checked into the beautiful Sheraton Waikiki which provided us with a shuttle from the airport. We also spent a couple days in the Disney Aulani, Resort and Spa which was nothing short of luxurious!

2. First thing I recommend doing is renting a car. That way you have the freedom of leaving the resort any time you want and exploring the beautiful city.

3. Woke up for the sunrise! (a must do for me no matter where I travel to)

4. Highly recommend breakfast at Cream Pot cafe; an adorable location with pricey, but delicious food

5. Took a short drive to Pearl Harbour 

  • This is an activity I think everyone must do. A place so rich in historical value.

6. Drove to the Dole plantation in Wahiawa around 40 min from Pearl Harbour

  • Has the world's largest maze

  • Take a quick tour through the 8 gardens and learn new facts about tropical plants

  • A lot of fun activities for younger kids as well

  • Grab some fresh chocolate covered pineapples before leaving ;)

7. Pulled over on our way back to attempt whale watching along the Kamehameha Highway (YES IT'S ACTUALLY NAMED THAT LOL)

8. Took a quick 45 minute flight to Kauai island and rented a car for the day

9. Visited Kauai’s beautiful Hindu Monastery

  • This place is absolutely gorgeous and worth a trip to enter an area that is refreshingly full of nature and radiates peaceful energies

10. Visited America's only Rudraksha Forest just minutes from the monastery

11. Drove by some popular spots where Jurassic Park (one of my favourite movies) was filmed

  • You can easily find this information on tourist brochures when you arrive at the Lihue Airport

12. Stopped by the Kitauea Lighthouse which is a stunning viewpoint where you might catch a glimpse of some whales if you’re lucky

13. Back to Oahu island!

14. Submarine excursion

  • Went 100 feet under and got to view some amazing underwater animals, quite the experience

Something I would recommend for Hawaii is making an itinerary before you go because many people don’t realize that there are multiple islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands and each has its own unique set of adventures to offer. Also plan around the weather, most of our days were rainy and gloomy so sightseeing was a little more difficult.

As you can see, we covered quite a bit in a quick 5 days which shows if you plan well you’ll be able to get a good balance of relaxation and adventure during your trip :)

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