My trip to Daytona Beach through working for Campus Vacations was the first time I saw American college students partying and I have got to say, the movies DO NOT exaggerate. The party mode that people were in 24 hours a day made for an insanely fun atmosphere throughout the trip.

Most of you must have heard of the company I Love Travel, or a branch of it: S trip, Campus Vacations, or Breakaway Tours. I got hired with Campus Vacations and then S trip and got to go on some really cool trips, to watch graduating students have the absolute best time of their lives! I also got to meet adventurous and travel hungry people just like me from around Toronto. 

All the memories from these trips are nothing short of amazing. Seeing the surprising capability of people to party morning to night for days on end was probably one of the craziest parts of the trip. I loved meeting students and getting to know differences between American and Canadian undergraduate and high school experiences. There were also awesome excursion opportunities that staff were able to go on along with the students so that called for some memorable moments as well. There isn’t much to complain about when your job involves traveling and meeting awesome individuals.

Check out some photos from the trip right HERE!