What to do in & around Atlanta

  • Before you go: Take your time to find a car rental

  • World of Coca Cola

  • CNN tour

  • Visit one of the many museums

  • Take an electric scooter and ride across the Atlanta Beltline

- Download the BIRD or LIME app so you can grab a scooter whenever you want

  • Krog Street market

  • Ponce City market

  • Skyview Atlanta 

  • Rock City Gardens (2 hour drive out of Atlanta)

  • Take a stroll and check out the graffiti that’s sprawled across the city

  • Visit Georgia Tech

- If you’re interested in touring the Georgia Tech University, contact the recruitment team before you get there!


Where to eat

  • Olive Garden

  • Grocery shop and get creative!

  • El Nopal for delicious authentic Mexican food

  • The Brasserie and Neighborhood cafe for a fancy brunch


- Book your Sunday brunch in advance or get there at 7am

  • Gaja for Korean food


  • Cafe Intermezzo for dessert (and an amazing cheesecake selection)


  • Highland Bakery for breakfast

  • Krog Street Market 

  • Jenis ice cream

  • Jinya Ramen Bar

  • Egg Harbour Cafe for breakfast​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Ponce City Market

  • Thumbs Up Diner

  • PF Changs at the airport while you wait for your flight!